«Das Geflecht menschlicher Tätigkeiten gleicht dem Kosmos, wie er ist es unermesslich und unergründlich. Der Versuch, die verschwundene Arbeit ans Tageslicht zu fördern, ist gewagt und heisst nach den Sternen greifen.» Palla 1998

Reaching for the stars – so it seemed to me many times since the Project Sea-silk started. But I was not alone! Infinitely more have been inspired in recent years by my enthusiasm for sea-silk. They accompanied, supported, encouraged and reassured me to contest perceived reality, to try something new and to overcome difficulties. They were many and of different interest: professionals and amateurs, representatives of libraries, archives, museums, universities, government offices and schools. Without their help and sympathy and without the interest I felt again and again, the Project Sea-silk would not have progressed so far. I thank them all wholeheartedly. I hope I can return some of the benefits received with this site.

I also especially thank the team at the Natural History Museum Basel, which has welcomed me as a volunteer and continues to do so, allowing the mentioned exhibition and related catalogue, and supported - and supports - the project repeatedly and in many ways.

I thank all who contributed to the development of this website:
  • Inge Boesken Kanold, F-Lacoste for the experiments with purple dying
  • Marie-Thérèse Breganti, CH-Bern for reviewing the French version
  • Sergio Flore, I-Orani for photographs
  • Marcel Halbeisen, EMPA St. Gallen for the fibre analysis
  • Daniela Lunghi, I-Camogli for reviewing the Italian version
  • Bob Mull, F-Rixheim, and Samuel Krardolfer, Basel, for reviewing the English version
  • Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff, Basel, for reviewing the textile terms
  • Nahum Ben Yehuda, Bar Ilan University, Israel for his help in search of Hebrew references for sea-silk
  • the studio Schärrer and Bachmann graphic design for the graphic design
  • Thomas Martin, computer science services for the technical equipment and support
  • the Foundation for the Development of the Natural History Museum Basel for financial support
  • and all unnamed friends, relatives and supporters - for their help and patience and understanding of my passion
And finally a big 'thank you' to all my friends and my family's thoughtfulness and patience, over all these years, as almost every one of our many conversations ended up with sea-silk ...